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The Art and Culture

1. Dance of sintren
Sintren is traditional artistry of society of Pekalongan and its surroundings, representing a dance smelled mistical/ magical which is taken stem from love story of Sulasih and Raden Sulandono. Mentioned Raden Sulandono is child of Ki Bahurekso marriage Dewi Rantansari.
Raden Sulandono love Sulasih a female of Countryside of Kalisalak, but the love was not get blessed by Ki Bahurekso. Finally Raden Sulandono lived as an ascetic and Sulasih was chosen to become dancer. Nevertheless meeting among both still take place to through illusory nature. The meeting was arranged by Dewi Rantansari including houri soul to body of Sulasih, at that moment also Raden Sulandono which was doing penance to be called by its soul to meet Sulasih, than they met between Sulasih and of Raden Sulandono.
After the time of that's every performed a by show of sintren of is the entered by sure dancer of houri soul by its expert in conquering animals. Sintren played the part of by a girl which still is holy (maiden), assisted by its expert in conquering animals and accompanied by Javanese musical 6 people. The development of sintren's dance as people entertainment amusement, was later developed with dancer attendant and comedian.

2. Simtud durar
Simtud durar was the traditional artis which is reflected Islam using Rebana and Jidur as a means of its music. This artis have been played for 15 people till 20 people, accompanied by music. They bounced by make much of or sholawatan as expression thank Allah and application of safety of eternity and world. This commonly at used are the time of opening of event of hajatan traditional party or carried out by urban community citizen of Pekalongan famous with its adherence in running comand of religion.

3. Kuntulan
Kuntulan is represented traditional artis which is have Islam breath to played by 18 men. Together the position 18 people in doing dance is 9 people in front of and 9 people behind. The mentioned meant will contain meaning of asmaul khusna that is 99 nature of Allah SWT (God who are single the most).

4. Sya'banan (Khol)
Sya'banan (khol) is religious ceremony which have in area of Pekalongan, carried out by every 14 sya'ban (ruwah) one year to memorial / considering service- service of Sayid bin Abdullah bin Abdullah bin Tholib Al Atas, during its life blazing the way founding of Maisonette of Pesantren in Java.

* Pesantren is school of Qur'an studies for children and young people, most of whom are boarders

5. Syawalan
Syawalan is custom ceremony to moslem residing in Pekalongan and its surroundings to witness sharing of BIG LEPET which has diameter size measure 150 cm, heavy 185 singk and high of 110 of cm this event is carried out by 1 week after feast day of Ramadan Idul Fitri by mayor / functionary of area.

* Lepet is cake of glutinous rice steamed in banana leaves

Typical food

1. Rice of megono
Town of Pekalongan is famous for typical food which is called MEGONO, It is of a kind vegetables dish made of young jackfruit (Javanese : gori) chopped of refinement mixed with coconut (urapan) is grat and urapan sambal (Javanese : kluban). But with is more mace ingredient completed with a little hot feel and salam leaf, will generate to feel typical. Megono is very delicious and compatible as breakfast, suitable with other dish. Even only accompanied with tempeh fry and ketchup sambal, likely very scrumptious. In town of Pekalongan, megono is very easy to get, from cloister booth until big restaurant most of all providing rice of megono.

2. Tauto
Tauto is typical food of Pekalongan of a kind soup, just only the ingrident of the tauto is added with taucho, that is of a kind delicate adder a kind of saus having typical aroma and its making materials from soy. As generally soup, tauto is also mixed with flesh and jerohan (organ in) and also noodles of sohun, delicious to eat with rice or lontong. Tauto Pekalongan is usually got in booths in town of Pekalongan in the day time.

* lontong = food consisting of rice steamed in a banana leaf.

3. Garang asam
Garang asam is food of a kind soup (rawon), typical of area of Pekalongan. But for the garang asam, its gravy is given many tomato, so feels fresh and acid but. Garang asam is usually mixed with flesh, egg or jerohan (organ in). Usually ripe by garang asam rather hot, so that likely growing scrumptiously. In town of Pekalongan, Iurid of acid very is easy to get in booth - booth, especially in the day time.

* rawon = beef stew made with keluak

4. Soybean chips
As tempe, soybean cake even also can be made by flaky. Flavour and way of its making do not far different. felting enjoy able and crispy likely, making flaky know suitable for crispy to eat with rice (in the place of crisply) and also suitable for snack. Flaky is easy get in food-shop shop in area of Pekalongan and its surroundings.

Place Recreation

1. Coast of Pasir Kencana
Representing coast recreation place to all foreign and also domestic turis to relax at the same time enjoy cold coastal air. This coast suited for recreation raw and fish with boat of readily touring serving it. The facilities for children toy, open podium, areal park, small mosque, bathroom.

2. Place Recreation of Linggo Asri
The view is nature with fresh air to be the typical place individuality of Linggo Asri which is located in the side of south district of Kajen sub-province of Pekalongan at height 700 m of sea level. The combination of natural potency, forest and mountain of wisata and also the condition of village which is still rural becomes interesting factor to be enjoyed. Beside that, situation which is profit able by the side of Province street between sub-province of Pekalongan and of Banjarnegara very facilitating to tourist to visit.

3. Place Recreation of Petung Kriyono
As recreation place which is have located in mountainside of Ragajambangan at height about 900 - 1600 m of sea level. A fresh air cold with wonderful place, natural beauty and Ioveliness which is suited for recreation. Of capital of regency of Pekalongan is apart 30 km and can be Reachings with public vehicle. As area of agrowisata, Petung Kriyono is offering many choice for the accomplishment of ambition of natural tour. In this area is you are able to explore the nature and do the outbond's activity.

4. Waterfall of Curug Muncar
Is famous for the exotic place with beautiful waterfall and the wonderful view. This waterfall of Curug Muncar a is lot of visited by tourist and natural devotee.

5. Place Recreation of Rogoselo
The place is located more or less 14 km of town of Doro's district, exactly in countryside of Rogoselo. This recreation place in the form of petilasan / preserve of Arca Baron Sekeber and Mausoleum of Ki Ageng Atas Angin According to folklore, Baron Sekeber is a miraculous man from the Europe who came to Java, wish to challengge magical power. In every fight, Baron Sekeber always wins, have many miraculous people and hero in Java Land which he defeated. Till one day he was lost to be defeated by Ki Ageng Atas Angin.

6. Natural Recreation Place of Lolong
The natural recreation place is located more or less 6 Km of town district of Karanganyar. This potency place of recreation is also supported with existence of durian fruit (typical fruit of very delicious area likely) which has famous for in each its season.

7. Coast of Wonokerto
The coast recreation place is located more or less 5 km of roadway of Wiradesa to the north, precisely in countryside of Wonokerto, district of Wonokerto, in Zulkhijah this place was performed by ordinary of sea alms event performed by local fisherman society.

8. Coast of Slamaran Indah
Was the wonderful coast which gives us balmy and compatible. This area of its legend have "tutelary spirit", that is Dewi Lanjar as coastal queen of North. It is said Dewi Lanjar often make an appearance with peerless pretty beautiful face.

9. Camping site
About 4 hectare, Camping site which is in Dranan village of Yosorejo provided to all natural devotee, student and also all tourist provided with bathroom, verandah of ancient palace, post guard care and playground.

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