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Pekalongan of Batik Town

The Origin of Pekalongan
The name of Pekalongan as was disribed by local society hereditaryly for some version. One of them was mentioned at a period of Raden Bahurekso as Monarchic commander figure of Mataram. In the year 1628, he got comand of Sultan Agung to attack VOC (Vereenigde Oost Indishe Compagnic) in Batavia. So he struggled to ossify, even early by fasting like bat (Javanese : topo ngalong) in forest of Gambiran (now : Gambaran village, it's situation around bridge of Anim and countryside of Sorogenen).
In its hermitage is narrated that Raden Bahurekso lured and bothered by Dewi Lanjar along with all unvisible soldier which represent its follower. But all obsession of Dewi Lanjar along with all its follower can be defeated even bowed to Raden Bahurekso. Then Dewi Lanjar, representing courier Queen of Roro Kidul or Queen of Coast South set mind on do not return to Coast South, however then request permission to Raden Bahurekso to remain around this region. Raden Bahurekso fulfill this request even Queen of Roro Kidul also aggreeing it. Dewi Lanjar allowed to remain north coast of Central Java. It is said palace situation of Dewi Lanjar located is coast of Pekalongan side river of Slamaran. Since that time, the area is famous for the name of Pekalongan.

In other version was mentioned that name of Pekalongan came from local term of HALONG-ALONG with the meaning galore result. So Pekalongan referred as also by the name of PENGANGSALAN with the meaning of luck. Name of this Pengangsalan is the reality also there is in chronicle of Mataram (Sultan Agung), that is :

"Gegaman wus kumpul dadi siji, samya dandan samya numpak palwa, gya ancal mring samudrane, lampahe lumintu, ing Tirboyo lawan semawis, ing Lepentangi, Kendal, Batang, Tegal, Sampun, Barebes lan Pengangsalan. Wong pesisir sadoyo tan ono kari, ing Carbon nggertata".

Its meaning : " Weapons have been collected into one. After altogether ready to, all soldier ridden away to sail. The sailing is no desisting of passing Tirbaya, Semarang, Kaliwungu, Kendal, Batang, Tegal, Brebes and Pengangsalan. Everybody coastal area nothing that under developed (they leave to prepare x'self in Cirebon to go to Batavia utilize to invade VOC Dutch)".

Pre-eminent product

1. Batik
As we have known, Pekalongan was recognized as "Batik Town" having huge potency in batik industry and have expanded rapidly, in big and small scale. Batik production of Pekalongan has become one of the supporting of economics Pekalongan. Pattern and typical colour of batik product of Pekalongan have made crafting of Pekalongan Batik was progressively recognized. This area of batik's industry has been able to eksport to various state for example Australian, United States, Mid-East, Japan, Chinese, Korea and Singapore.
To batik collector, Pekalongan is the right place to hunt batik and accesories for Pekalongan is the place of batik market, batik's boutique and also batik's grocery, as original batik (hand drawn), batik cap (stamped), batik printing, batik painting and also sablon at the varied price.
This industry gave big contribution to the progress of economics in Pekalongan with majority of home industri.

2. Industry convection
Besides batik, Pekalongan also has kind are convection's industry. Amount of this industry spread up to start from Kedungwuni, Tirto, Bojong, Wiradesa, Buaran, Klego and Landungsari. Contribution of convection industry of Pekalongan is big enough in supplying of clothes in country. All entrepreneur, the most is home industry, partake share remit to some big grocery for example Grocery's Tanah Abang (Jakarta), Market of Tegal Gubuk in Cirebon (West Java), Market of Klewer in Solo (Central Java) as well as its other place. This industrial product in the form of ready made clothes either from batik and also non batik between others : sarong, man cloth, woman cloth, child clothes, bedspread or seprai (pallet sleep above mattress), desk palm, jeans, etc..

3. Jacquards of ATBM (non-machine weaving)
ATBM represents small industry with the product was : towel, cloth of ihrom, house interior, etc.. Its production have eksported to Japan, Singapore, United States and Europe.

4. Crafting of natural fibre
With raw material in the form of enceng gondog (flowers edible and leaves red with plant water), banana cortex and frond, pineapple fibre and also other natural fibre, all small entrepreneur has used it to various crafting like bag, clothes, house interior, etc..

5. Industry processing of fish
Industry processing of fish also represent one of the pledge sector of Pekalongan. This Sector consist of :
1. Canning of fish
2. Salting / draining of fish (enchovy except kind any of fish salted dried)
3. Coagulation of fish
4. Pemindangan (preserve large fish or meat with salt without drying)
5. Processing and pickling of fish

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